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Skin Gym

WrinkLit LED Mask


Our breakthrough WrinkLit LED (Light Emitting Diode) wireless mask is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Just place the WrinkLit shield on your face while blue, orange and red light therapy work their magic on your skin to help reveal a more radiant complexion. The best part? This wireless LED mask lets you mask from anywhere - without being plugged in!

  • Skin Type
  • For All Skin Types

  • Skincare Concerns
  • Skin Laxity, Loss of Firmness and Elasticity, acne-prone skin.

  • Features
  • Kill bacteria

    Build and strengthen cellular structure


    Skin Gym is a natural beauty tool brand for the modern woman. We provide non-invasive beauty tools for facial massage experience you can bring home with you.

    What It's Good For

    Blue light is for use on acne-prone skin; great for pesky zits.
    Red light is for use if you have redness and anti-aging concerns.

    What Makes It Unique

    Different wave length penetrate your skin. Skin cells absorb the light and transform it into energy. Your skin reacts differently depending on the color of light. With red light, your skin responds by building & strengthening cellular structure. With Blue light, your skin stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kill bacteria. With orange light, it revitalizes your skin bringing out the glow.

    How to use

    After cleansing and applying serum and moisturizer,place the mask over your face and choose your desired light source, leaving it on for 15-30 minutes.