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Cleania Sonic Cleansing Brush


Take your cleansing routine to the next level with our CLEANIA 3-in-1 Cleansing Brush Set - featuring a lightweight spin brush to deep clean, exfoliate, and massage away impurities.With 3 adjustable speeds to move in circular motions across your skin, this brush unveils your most glowing, smooth complexion as you say goodbye to debris and leftover makeup.

  • Skin Type
  • For All Skin Types

  • Features
  • Deep Clean


    massage away impurities

  • What's Included
  • Cleania Brush with Stand

    Fiber Brush Head - Firmer, Ultra-exfoliating

    Bamboo Brush Head- Ultra-soft (perfect for everyday use)

    Silicone Brush Head- Non-abrasive, hypoallergenic

    USB Charging Cable

    Skin Gym is a natural beauty tool brand for the modern woman. We provide non-invasive beauty tools for facial massage experience you can bring home with you.

    What It's Good For

    Cleansing with CLEANIA is far more effective than doing it by hand or with a washcloth, and this set features 3 brush heads to mix and match for maximum cleansing and radiant skin.

    What Makes It Unique

    The facial cleansing brush set features a lightweight spin brush to deep clean, exfoliate, and massage away impurities with 3 adjustable speeds.

    How to use


    Gently remove eye makeup by hand. Insert desired brush head into your device.

    Apply cleanser to damp skin

    2.Ready, Set, Roll

    Press the on/off button to turn on your device. Select your desired speed.

    Gently move the brush head in small circular motions around your face to deep cleanse.


    Press the on/off button again to power off the device.