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Amethyst Revati Vibrating Beauty Tool


Treat your skin to an uplifting daily massage with our RevatiVibrating Beauty Tool. This brilliant, battery-operated beautywand is perfect to use with your self-care ritual or before a bigevent to give your skin that extra glow! Use 10-15 minutes daily,a.m. and p.m. with serum or light oil for best results.

  • Skin Type
  • For All Skin Types

  • Skincare Concerns
  • Skin Laxity, Loss of Firmness and Elasticity, De-puffs tired, Dull skin.

  • Features
  • Sculpting



  • What's Included
  • Amethyst Revati Vibrating Beauty Tool

    Skin Gym is a natural beauty tool brand for the modern woman. We provide non-invasive beauty tools for facial massage experience you can bring home with you.

    What It's Good For

    The Amethyst Revati Vibrating Tool gently massages,
    promoting the absorption of trace elements to increase vitality and skin radiance.

    What Makes It Unique

    AMETHYST is considered the royal crystal, making it an incredible stone to use with self-care rituals.

    How to use


    Just twist the end to the left to start vibration, to the right to stop.

    2.Ready, Set, Roll

    Brow Area: Gently press and glide upward between and above eyebrows in smooth, small strokes.

    Under-Eyes: Gently press and massage under the eye area. Pro tip: Use with your eye cream.

    Lip: Gently press and massage around the outside of the lip area in upward motions.

    Cheeks: Begin just above the jaw, glide under and over each cheekbone upwards towards the ear.

    Jawline: Press and glide from the chin-up the jawline.